Child Custody and Support

In a divorce, issues surrounding child custody and child support can sometimes be the most contentious factors. Knowing the laws about these issues and how to work together and doing what’s best for the children can help make the process more amicable. Elisa Staats is an Akron family law attorney who is experienced in these matters and can guide and represent you through the process.

Elisa Staats: Attorney at Law

There are different types of child custody, such as legal, physical, sole and joint. Physical custody means that the parent has the right to have the child live with them. Sometimes, joint physical custody is awarded when the child spends significant time with both parents. Joint physical custody lessens the stress on children and works well when parents live close to each other. In these cases, both parents make joint decisions about the child’s upbrining. The court won’t hesitate to award sole physical custody or sole legal custody if it is deemed that the other parent is unfit, such as alcohol abuse or drug dependency. In the child’s best interests, it’s wiser not to seek sole custody unless it is evident that the other parents causes direct harm to the child. Even then, the court may still order the other parent supervised visitation.

Many times, child custody issues may be settled through mediation or arbitration. The meetings are held with a neutral third party helping to facilitate discussion and resolution between the parties. Both processes are less expensive, faster and non-adversarial when compared to a trial. Attorney Elisa Staats can help prepare you for mediation or arbitration and counsel you through the process. In addition, she will carefully review any agreements before signing to avoid potential problems down the road.

Attorney Elisa Staats LLC: Child Support

Child support is based upon the state guidelines which include the earning abilities of each parent, children’s health insurance and medical costs and day care costs. At times, child support orders can be modified based upon evolving circumstances. Elisa Staats looks closely at clients’ changing circumstances and provides the best legal representation for those seeking the modification of child support orders in court.

Attorney Elisa Staats has in-depth knowledge of family law issues and gives clients the best legal advice. She also takes the time to listen to your individual situation and addresses your needs and concerns. All around, she is committed to acting in your best interest and the best interest of the family as a whole.