What type of relief can the court grant with a Civil Protection Order?

The court can order all of the following through a Civil Protection Order:

(a) Direct the abuser to refrain from abusing or from committing sexually oriented offenses against the victim;
(b) Grant possession of the residence to the victim by ordering the abuser to vacate the premises;
(c) Temporarily allocate parental rights and responsibilities for the children;
(d) Require the abuser to maintain support of the victim;
(e) Require the abuser and/or victim to seek counseling;
(f) Require the abuser to refrain from entering the residence, school, business, or place of employment of the victim;
(g) Grant other relief that the court considers equitable and fair, including, but not limited to, ordering the abuser to permit the use of a motor vehicle by the victim and apportioning household and family personal property.

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