Introduction to Spousal Support

In Ohio, spousal support is payment by the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse that is both for sustenance and for support of the lower-earning spouse. Spousal support can alternatively be payment to a third party for the benefit of the lower-earning spouse. In some jurisdictions, this is called “alimony.”

In Ohio, the court may award reasonable spousal support in divorce and legal separation proceedings at the conclusion of the case upon the request of either party and after the court determines the division or disbursement of property. The court may also award reasonable temporary spousal support to either party during the pendency of any divorce or legal separation proceeding. By agreement, spouses may include a spousal support provision in their dissolution case.

An award of spousal support may be allowed in real or personal property, or both, or by decreeing a sum of money, payable either in gross or by installments, from future income or otherwise, as the court considers equitable.

Spousal support terminates upon the death of either party, unless the order containing the award expressly provides otherwise.

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